Join PALS, CALS and Medical Pros for the 2022 Healing ALS Conference

What is happening at the Healing ALS Conference 2022?

See Successful ALS Reversals!

Meet in person a group of PALS (people diagnosed with ALS) who have reversed this devastating disease! Listen as they share with you details of how they have overcome ALS. Diagnosed in the 80s, 90s and 2000s, learn how some went from almost no movement and in a  wheelchair to walking again and living normal lives today.

Learn how they overcame their challenges, the strategies used by medical professionals who helped them, and how family members were able to assist. With research, nutrition, diet, supplements, detoxification and a significant shift in their thinking, they were able to overcome ALS. Meet and learn from other PALS going through the same challenges as you and your family.

Then with the tools and knowledge you gain, build a plan for your own healing including appropriate testing and how to select holistic medical professionals that can help you. Begin taking control of your own health now! And keep in touch with the community you meet at the conference to support each other on your journey of Healing ALS.

Who Should Attend?

Why You Should Attend

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A Gathering of Successful Reversals

There are many allies ready to share their stories and expertise who are eager to empower you to find your own path to mental, emotional, and physical healing.

Who is organizing this conference?

The conference is  hosted by Healing ALS  with the help of a Volunteer Organizing Committee, most of whom either have ALS themselves or are caring for someone with ALS. We have studied numerous long term ALS reversals and, from our experience interviewing numerous PALS and documenting their experiences, we can share the commonalities of what protocols and treatments are the most effective for the majority of PALS. We can share basic principles as well as real life examples so that PALS, both newly diagnosed and who have been diagnosed for a while can put them into practice to slow, stop, or even reverse their ALS symptoms.